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16 September 2014

Brazilian digital women and technological devices: Permanent connectivity

We just came back from holidays full of energy, to present results of a new study in collaboration with Yahoo.

In this case, we’ve analyzed the behavior of the Brazilian women in relation with technological devices and the use of Internet, and how brands can take advantage of it.

In summary, the conclusions are:

  1. There’s a high market penetration of the internet mobile use: Smartphones represents half the Brazilian women users, and in terms of frequency of use, it is the reference device for them.
  2. The Brazilian women’s lifestyle includes hobbies and leisure, and they are also open-minded to discover and try new things. Among their short term plans, we can stand out traveling, looking for new professional alternatives, going out with friends, music, theater, performance or getting into new hobbies.
  3. Internet, compared to other media (TV, press, radio, outdoor), is positioned as “the channel”. User is giving internet a strong value as a channel of information and contents. And depending on these contents, some formats are more important than others:
  • Blogs and professional articles are more attractive and also have all the legitimacy and credibility, what is critical in personal care and maternity contents.
  • The photo galleries are the perfect tools to show the contents that require to be shown as they help users to make themselves a closer idea of the products they’re interested in. Especially in style, crafts and home.
  • Videos are necessary to call users attention and engage them, specially in gastronomy and crafts contents.
  • Other user’s opinions are generally relevant, but never a central point of interest.
  1. In relation to brands, the Brazilian digital women is demanding quality and specialized brands. They are open to innovative actions if they add value to the brand, especially actions associated to branded content get a great reception.

Find below the complete report of results (in English).

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