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18 January 2012 , archivado en la(s) categoría(s) Articles.

Study of Trends in Payment Methods in Spain and Latin America in 2011

In collaboration with AFI (Analistas Financieros Internacionales), we carried out a study for TECNOCOM (Spanish multinational market leader in information technology), a report about Trends in Payment Methods in the Spanish and Latin American Markets, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Spain.

The report offers an analysis of the sector from an expert point of view of experts using official statistics together with an analysis of the potential of new proposals in payment methods (known as mobile payments).

Additionally, we carried out a complete study of the demand focused on penetration, uses and interests in electronic payment methods as well as the factors that make it so a significant portion of the population (in Latin America) do not use electronic payment methods.

Some of the most significant conclusions are:

  • From the perspective of consumers, the reality of payment methods in Spain and in Latin American countries is very diverse and so each country presents its own trajectory and evolution.
  • Education, use of a computer and internet are the variables that are most associated with the level of banking.
  • The perception of the absence of the need of cards in the main motivation stated by those that don’t bank for not using them.
  • In those countries where mobile payment services are most extended users show a greater interest in them.

You can read the full report in Spainsh: Informe tecnocom es

Informe tecnocom es

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