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Tca Consultora De Investigacion Eng

The Cocktail Analysis is a market research consultancy specialized in consumer trends, communication and new technologies.

We're a spin-off of the digital product consultancy The Cocktail. This gives us important know-how in strategic consultancy, design, marketing and digital trends.

Founded in 2006, the company came about as the perfect meeting point between market research, consumer trends and technology for exploring new territories for innovation and searching for useful insights in a context of change. We believe in what we say and do and that's why we know just how far we can go with research techniques. We push the established limits in our day to day, thereby blurring the lines of what's possible through innovation of techniques, focuses and objects of study. 

Some of our R&D projects, both our own and those we have done for clients, have become references in the field. Take a look:

Últimos estudios


The key to The Cocktail Analysis is the talent of the individuals who make up our team. It is only with people who have a passionate curiosity about the world that we are able to offer our quality service.

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Here's a list of our current job offers, but if you think we should meet you even though you're not an exact fit in any of the active offers, contact us through the one marked “I'm sure you'll find a place for me.”


We work with different types of studies so that we can deliver the most complete and actionable findings to our clients.


Using innovation, analysis and common sense we push ourselves to overcome the standard limitations of the field of market research. Here are some examples of studies we perform:

  • Product and category studies:

    Baseline studies (U&A), concept testing, product testing, price studies, new business opportunities.

  • Brand studies:

    Image and positioning, brand equity tracking, brand extensions, online buzz analysis (Social Media Audit).

  • Communication studies:

    Key insights to build up communication campaigns, concept testing, package and unboxing testing, prescriptive advertising testing, pre- and post-testing, publicity tracking, impact evaluation of events and sponsorships, music equity / jingles testing, pamphlet testing.

  • Distribution studies:

    Point of sale (POS), satisfaction of distribution, store check, mystery shopper, store success learnings, visitor ratings.

  • User experience studies:

    Concept testing, beyond usability testing, usability testing, web metrics, eye-tracking, card-sorting.

  • Organizational studies:

    Customer experience, client satisfaction, CSR, social climate, franchises and distribution.

Salvador Paniker " The only thing that reduces the person being interviewed is the intellectual limitations of the interviewer. "

Some of the market research techniques that we employ are:

  • Qualitative:

    Focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographical interviews, buzz analysis, online groups, creative and co-creation sessions, i-Forum, trendsetters panel, unfocus groups, extreme-user interviews...

  • Quantitative:

    In-person, telephone surveys (CATI), online surveys (CAWI), hall test, panel building for clients, web analytics (we are a certified partner of Google Analytics) +

  • User Experience:

    In-depth contextual interviews, task completion, eye-tracking, card sorting, Beyond Usability Testing Groups (BUTG), surveys of visitors/logged in users, remote testing...

  • Consultancy:

    Lobby research, indicator building, definition of measuring systems, insight gathering to migrate from offline to online...

" When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail
Abrahan Maslow

In order to obtain useful results we work with a wide range of research tools to get us as close as possible to our object of study.

We excel at studies that work with:


Some of our most relevant studies are:

  • Televidente

    Baseline study in Spain about the relationship between consumption of audiovisual content on different platforms and devices (internet, mobile TV and television). In the most recent wave we expanded the reach to analyze content consumption on tablets. Over the years this study has been sponsored by companies like Telefonica, Antena3, Ymedia and Viacom.

    See the latest wave +

  • Study of Trends in Payment Methods in Spain and Latin America in 2011
    Study of Trends in Payment Methods in Spain and Latin America in 2011

    In collaboration with AFI (Analistas Financieros Internacionales), we carried out a study for TECNOCOM (Spanish multinational market leader in information technology), a report about Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Spain that offers an analysis of the sector from an expert point of view of experts using official statistics together with an analysis of the potential of new proposals in payment methods (known as mobile payments).

    See the report +

  • 1st wave of Online Shopping Observatory
    1st wave of Online Shopping Observatory

    A study that aims to monitor how online shopping evolves in Spain annually. In this first wave we analyze how different product categories are being related to through online shopping in 2011.

    See the latest wave +


The challenge of market researchers goes beyond the elaboration of interesting studies: we have to find new ways to present findings, ensuring that the data we obtain is constantly more accessible and illustrative.


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