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27 November 2014

91% of Samsung Smart TV users in Spain use specific applications for series and movies on demand

Samsung Spain and The Cocktail Analysis present the findings of a study on the use of Smart TV in home

Madrid - November 26, 2014 - Applications to enjoy audiovisual content-series, movies, documentaries, children's programming, etc. are used by 91% of users of Samsung Smart TV, while 41% say they have paid now for some content of interest. These are some of the most relevant data collected in the study conducted by Samsung Spain and The Cocktail Analysis on the use of Smart TV in Spanish homes.

The survey results are drawn from a survey conducted by the application "My Opinion", developed by the team at Samsung to collect information directly from consumers, and integrated Samsung Smart TVs. In total, 1,516 Samsung Smart TV connected users participated in this research.

One of the key findings of this analysis is the consolidation of Smart TV as a priority purchase option when choosing a TV: 8 out of 10 current users were clear they wanted a Smart TV before going to the store. The increasing use of applications, especially in homes with children, is also notable, as well as the tendency of paid content (practiced now for 4 out of 10 users). Similar to what happened with purchases from mobile phones, the possibility of monetary transactions via the TV is facilitating the birth of TV-Commerce. In fact, 8 out of 10 users interviewed say they are willing to transact from their Smart TVs.

All games (racing, action, family, etc.) included in Samsung Smart TV is also an opportunity to incorporate new content and facilitate the use of other features as Smartphones as a remote control or interaction through gesture or voice. It points out the wide usage of Skype on Smart TV versus social networks like Facebook and Twitter -very popular and massively used in other devices-, given the possibilities offered by the TV as a platform for audiovisual communication.

Here is the full report.