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19 Enero 2017

Digital consumption at the Base of Pyramid in Mexico

First Wave: Teens and Young Adults

In The Cocktail Analysis, we went to the streets to understand the impact that digital has had on the lowest SEL in the country, focusing on the digital uses the youngest generations do.

We wanted to understand this emerging phenomenon in detail in order to offer our clients not only a deeper analysis of the segment but also to accompany them in the search for new business opportunities and in the development of strategies more focused and adapted to this expanding segment in terms of volume and purchasing power. We focused on the youngest because they are the protagonists of this change, characterized by the incorporation of uses and digital consumption, since they are living in first person the incorporation of new uses and digital practices in the Base of the Pyramid.

This is a pioneering project in the absence of public studies on digital use and consumption in the Base of Pyramid (BoP), starting with:

  • According to the Inter-American Development Bank, the BoP in Mexico forms 75% of the total population in Mexico.
  • Spending on ICTs at the base of the pyramid has increased by 76% since 2000.
  • It is observed an increment on levels of banking of the BoP since the appearance of new financial products focused on this sector.
  • New players have appeared in the market that facilitate access to technology.
  • Government policies and private initiatives that seek facilitate internet access to all strata of the population are promoted.

We set ourselves as a general research objective to deepen in the role of technology and digital in a context of use and consumption of services/products by the youth of the BoP, exploring different items (e-Commerce, services, ticketing, food, travel, etc…)

Some of the findings:

  • In the urban areas, the digital is a consumer door that diffuses the social classes, while in rural areas digital retains aspiracionality.
  • Smartphone Predominance: multi-category killer.
  • Digital Consumption is focused in micromoments.
  • E-commerce interests, but as a last option 
  • Payment alternatives that do not require banking.
  • Social Networks: uses and platforms according to age range.
  • Audiovisual consumption: individualized and multiplatform.

In the following link you can access to the complete report:


  • Desk Research on the state of the art of studies focused on the Base of Pyramid and sociodemographic data and the consumption of this social stratum.
  • Ethnography and semi-structured interviews in situ in selected public spaces, where according to official instances (INEGI), there are concentrations of housing from low socioeconomic strata.

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