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26 Noviembre 2015

Televidente 2.0 - Audiovisual Consumption Trends in Spain

We publish the main results of our Televidente 2.0 study (VIII wave), a market research in Spain that analyses the evolution on audiovisual leisure and consumption, considering the impact of technologies (devices, connectivity and platforms - Linear tv, pay tv, OTT, downloads, YouTube, etc.)

Some main learnings are:

  • Smartphone and Tablets find a place in the audiovisual consumption.
  • 3 of each 10 internet users has got fiber internet connection and this impacts in their audiovisual consumption habits.
  • Smart TVs improve their usage thanks to the latest models.
  • A new audiovisual consumer emerges: multi-screen, multi-content, multi-platform.
  • YouTube is the platform that has a better adaptation to customer habits.


5 Focus groups and 1.384 online surveys to internet users

Access to results:

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