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08 Abril 2016

The Cocktail Analysis Trends Review: 12 lessons that leaves us 2015

In the last years, it has become a classic that, in the end of December or early January, numerous consulting firms publish prognostics of trends that mark the entrance of the year, normally since a technological perspective.
The Cocktail Analysis has wanted to have a different approach and build over what the consumer has been taught us during 2015:

• We believe in the importance of understanding the actuality as a first gauge of the consumer trend in the future. 

• As a consumer knowledge agency that we are, we are passionate in going deeply in consumer’s behavior and that our analysis focuses and turns around the consumer and not so much in the potentialities of the technology.

• So, in this perspective The Cocktail Analysis has developed a document that gathers the 12 lessons about the Spanish consumer in 2015, which:

  • Were developed in a transversal way from our more than 120 studies carried out for different clients, the last year.
  • While we identify them as lessons acquired in 2015, logically its origin can be traced in the previous years.
  • They can be actionable insights for brands, companies or organizations.

In the document we gather information about LowCost and its redefinition, NPS, Millenials and their values, micro-moments and customer experience, precarious workers among others. We hope that it will be of your interest !!!

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