Trends Review – What Learnings Have We Gained from 2017?

Category: Public studies, Spain, research

Impact personality consumption

For several years now, we at The Cocktail Analysis continue to review what we’ve learned from the Spanish consumer throughout all of the studies we conducted during the previous year. From there, we perform an exercise in synthesis that allows us to identify trends as to how 2018 will be.

We’ve identified a dynamic of discord between supply and demand, with a consumer who’s looking to hit the brakes, who is demonstrating clear signs of overstimulation and who needs to experience innovation from the perspective of benefit, and not from that of challenge. At a breakfast we held at our offices with more than 60 clients and friends, we discussed the death of the early adopter, SMART criteria, of the body as a bypass, the procrastinating customer, the masculinity crisis…

You can learn about these and many more learnings in this summary document: