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  • Behavioral Economics Expert

    Buscamos personas apasionadas por el Behavioral Economics (Economía Conductual) que quieran incorporar su visión de la ciencia del comportamiento para: aportar valor en la generación de insights, ayudar en el diseño de soluciones y experiencias de valor desde el conocimiento de Economía Conductual, ayudar a hacer mediciones y experimentos y ayudar a consolidar la disciplina dentro de una consultora.

    Aspiramos no sólo a ayudar a nuestros clientes a conectar con las personas mediante la comprensión de sus procesos psicológicos, decisiones y comportamientos, sino también a mejorar su día a día a través de los productos y servicios que diseñamos. Como expertos en Behavioral Economics, aportamos valor desde el conocimiento psicológico para ayudar a crear soluciones de negocio relevantes y con impacto.

    Area: The Cocktail Analysis

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The purpose of The Cocktail is to be a reference in talent and human quality. We are a company that puts people first. Why create an open and welcoming enviroment flexible enough to adapt with agility to change, where we foster trust, optimism and freedom, so that talent is the one who runs the company. 

TCKUniversity is our commitment to young talent. We accompany students on their first work experience by developing their technical abilities, nurturing their curiosity in digital and strengthening their skills in adapting to change.

We’re there with you every step of the way in a professional world that moves at breakneck speed; where attitude and agility to adapt to change is what really matters.

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This is The Cocktail's programme focused on boosting the profiles of generation X who are looking to reinvent themselves; for those who want to change their professional career and are committed to continuing to challenge themselves.

This programme is aimed at people who want to choose a new path focused on the digital world, with previous experience in other disciplines.

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