Value Systems and Consumption Models Based on Gender and Age

Category: Spain, research

consumption models

Is a generational change taking place in value systems? And is it associated with a change in consumer habits? Are there differences in the way gender and ages function? These are some of the questions that we at The Cocktail Analysis asked within the framework of our Observatory on Consumer Trends and Vital Customer Satisfaction.

- The most self-assured and undoubtedly satisfied profile is that of adult women, despite being the most concerned about their financial situation and purchasing power ability. Young people are the most open-minded when it comes to novelties.

- Profiles who set aside the largest percentage of their income towards savings are young people. In contrast, adult women demonstrate having the lowest percentage when it comes to savings, and the highest when it comes to household expenses.

- Adult men are the most satisfied with their job situation and work relationships; however, they’re concerned about the country’s political and economic situation. Younger men are also satisfied with their work situation, although they’re concerned about balance.

- Young men use beauty products to a greater extent than adult men do, while women are still the ones who consume these types of products the most. Young people consume leisure and entertainment products the most.

The study was conducted through data gathered from 1,067 online interviews of a representative sample of Internet users within the Spanish population. You can access the entire report here: