Condé Nast. Demonstrating the Quality of Advertising Impact in High-End Magazines

Implications: Spain, Public Studies, Research

Business + Consumer = Impact

The context

Condé Nast, the group that has created iconic brands in the world of media, set out to demonstrate the differentiating value that powerful advertising within high-end magazines has on purchase intention, attempting to not only evaluate “how much” impact is obtained, but also the quality of the impact.

“Working with the TCA team is an extremely thorough experience of exchanging ideas, methods and approaches; for me it’s very rewarding because they understand exactly what we need, and they also provide solid knowledge and a new perspective. If you want to win an award, put your trust in TCA!”

Susana Ibáñez, Condé Nast

The project

By working entirely in sync with the Condé Nast Advertising Marketing team, we defined the types of elements within publishing content that create a positive impact on advertising brands. By constructing an index that we call Q-Factor, we take into consideration the variables of Quality, Inspiration, Promotion and Orientation towards the purchase.

Afterwards, we surveyed 1,500 consumers of representative media within the Spanish population. The results showed us that magazines (and particularly high-end magazines) emerge as the type of media with the greatest ability to inspire, thanks to the visual and written context surrounding the advertising, as well as due to the fact that ads are set in a more favorable consumer setting, allowing them to create an impact

The result

The project received a Gold Insight Award from FIPP, the international network for global media, for its ability to use research to demonstrate the value that appearing in magazines has for advertisers.