Fotocasa. 360-Degree Analysis of the Housing Market in Spain

Implications: Public Studies, Spain, Research

The Market within the Context of Social Change

The context

Fotocasa, the real estate portal of Schibsted Classified Media Spain, is the reference point real estate portal that specializes in the Spanish housing market. Over the past few years, Fotocasa has committed to updated and relevant research and communication information within the market it operates.

The dynamics of the real estate industry -operating within a changing context and subject to factors involving several agents- drives the continuous and comprehensive need for analysis.

The project

Fotocasa has built a relationship based on expertise, knowhow and trust with The Cocktail Analysis since 2016. We’ve been collaborating on an annual basis, and in 2018 both companies once again embarked upon an exhaustive research challenge that encompasses all of the individual profiles within the real estate industry.   

The initial phase that entails designing the methodology and defining the study receives significant attention in order for the study to succeed, since it achieves representativeness in one step, in order to deep dive as follows:

1. In the first phase, the objective is to size up the market; obtain representative data from the real estate market at the macroeconomic level. In order to do so, 5,000 online interviews were conducted with individuals living in Spain, with ages between 18 and 75, and with a representative breakdown of the Spanish society.

2. Afterwards, in the second phase, ad hoc interviews were conducted among the four particular targets -those seeking and those offering housing- who intervene in the housing market: buyers (1,850), sellers (898), renters (1,529) and landlords (1,203).

The strengths and expertise that this projects provides resides in the recurrence of the value it adds to the study year after year, as well as in the diversity of the targets analyzed, which offers a very comprehensive view.

The results

Fotocasa deploys its communication strategy and provides information to the market with the publication of documents on the results of the project, positioning itself as a point of reference in today’s real estate sector. Additionally, the company acquires applicable and actionable insights for its business.

The outcome of this project in 2018 sheds light on information such as “the abandonment” of young people within the housing market, and the move among individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 to purchasing due to rent increases. We also revealed a higher demand for mortgages among buyers, and overall conclusions including data that show that higher prices in the market aren’t slowing down purchases.