Samsung Future Lab – Moving towards the Future of Pictures

Implications: Spain, Public Studies, Research

New Formats for Researching and Communicating

The context

Samsung is a brand leader in the market and a reference point in the areas of technology and innovation. One example of its non-conformist philosophy is when it wanted to go one step further and discover where the future leads in the area of pictures within an evermore-technological context. The Samsung CMI team challenged us with mapping out and understanding how consumers imagine the future of pictures.

We view this future in an integrated way and approach it from various perspectives: behaviors, emotions, technology, etc.

The project

In order to do so, we developed a project divided into 3 stages.

-  The first stage consists of mental mapping sessions through which the most advanced targets were explored: professionals in the audiovisual industry, influencers and Generation Z. Opening up their minds to a more disruptive future.

-  The second stage consists of a workshop that included the expert views of Samsung professionals, which included the incorporation of the brand’s technological initiatives in its flagship model (Galaxy S9).

-   And a third dimension which aims at making the gap between the current moment and the future more tangible. We did so by conducting an online survey among representative and Internet user populations.

"TCA goes beyond knowledge of customers and trends, helping us to activate learning and becoming part of the “action” with its work methodology and vision. This learning-action combination is its true differentiating value."

Mónica Sánchez, Marketing Manager at Samsung

The results

The results brought to light the importance of pictures as a language code that’s on the rise, and the way in which photography is turning on the spot and going from what’s illustrative to what’s physical interaction, opening up a world of possibilities to users and brands. This information allowed Samsung to develop a range of smartphones geared towards their communication initiatives.

For a project aimed at understanding the future of pictures, the output was adapted into something none other than a video-report.