We Studied the Process of Purchasing a Car for Schibsted Media

Category: Spain, research


We published a study that we conducted for Schibsted Media and Coches.net on the process of purchasing cars in Spain. The project is based on 2,000 surveys of 25 minutes in length given to Internet users who bought a car in last year in Spain. The objective consisted of getting to know and understand what the process of purchasing a vehicle is like, starting with what the buying triggers are all the way through to the end of the process.

In order to cover the entire journey, the research addressed the following objectives:

- Driver types: identifying driver attitudes towards cars and the automotive world surrounding her/him.

- How the buyer relates to information channels, both online as well as offline, at the time of gathering all the information required for making a buying decision: the ones that are used, the moments and their importance.

- How the decision develops as to the type of vehicle desired and/ or required, including the consideration of various body styles and sizes (SUV’s compact, utilitarian…) engine types and brands.

- A detailed focus on the dealer relationship: facilities, salespeople (knowledge and customer service), test drive…

- And finishing with paying for the vehicle: prices, discounts, financial services…

A summary of the main data and learnings from the project can be found here: